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New Device to make pop corn- your cellphone!

Cellphones are unarguably wireless devices, and therefore work on waves to route communication but the below video showing showing cellphones working as kitchen microwave is too much.

See corn popping up on a flat table surrounded by four ringing mobile phones. Not sure which company makes those phones, but they sure have an unexplored line of business ready- Portable Microwave Oven or Rechargeable Pop Corn maker.


If they are just another phone handsets, well, I suddenly feel quite convinced the good old wireline phone is such  a great idea. Meanwhile, bhejafry, anyone?


Anonymous said…
You can do it with three phones too.. I know what to do if I am stuck on a desert island with some corn and cellphones :)
Rajesh Kumar said…
@ Lekhni:It appears I am quite out of sync with the world- I still use my cellphone for doing mundane things such as speaking to friends, taking pictures and occasionally listening to music!

Frankly, all those news stories about cell phone radiation never generated any interest in me - so far. Now onwards I have started thinking about it.