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Application Backup and Restoration Just Got A Notch Better With Kubesafe

A Disaster Recovery situation is the worst nightmare of an application manager. There are a zillion data back-up solutions available in the market, but at best they are just like insurance - you hope it would work in the event of a crisis such as cyber attack or crash, but one doesn't know for sure. The reality is that getting an application up is messy, once we add application configuration and application data to the mix. With most applications on cloud these days, they remain exposed to the worst of internet threats.  No airline can stop booking tickets just because their ticketing system went down. Neither can a retailer afford to lose billing on a Black Friday because the order capture or the inventory system is down due to an internal or external event. That's where's Kubesafe's innovative approach comes in. It not just takes snapshot of applications and  configurations as one image, but in the event of an internal or external event leading to disaster, Kubesafe r

Corona and Medical Advice Dilemma - Do we know someone who knows?

 One of the major challenges of Corona Pandemic is that one always feels the need to get informed advice on various aspects of preventive care from it. While the Covid vaccines are sometime away, what does one do, if we feel some anxiety about any other ailment that requires medical advice? Fortunately, we have Ayurveda and other forms of wellness advice to look at. Dr Pankaj Chansarkar is an accomplished Ayurveda Specialist, Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach , who is just a video call away. 

Pranayama is for Everyone

Prayanama benefits us in several ways. It regulates our body's processes, reduces stress, protects us from common respiratory issues, improves sleep and digestion and so on. It also makes one feel joyful. Learning Pranayama has two elements: 1. Some guidance from a practitioner who understands every human body is different 2. Regularity, regularity and regularity The following instructions are to help you start your Pranayama journey. Some simple instructions to follow for Pranayama in the morning: *Pre* Loose dress. Empty bowel Take bath if weather in your city is warm No tea/coffee or any food prior to this (last 4 hours at least). Two classes of water, at least 10 minutes before starting. Warm water ideally. Basic Yoga mat *During* No aroma of food, perfume or agarbatti nearby Please open the window - fresh air/ventilated room is an important requirement. Don't wear watches or trackers etc. Turn off the fan *Post* Move/walk within the house for 10