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Pranayama is for Everyone

Prayanama benefits us in several ways. It regulates our body's processes, reduces stress, protects us from common respiratory issues, improves sleep and digestion and so on. It also makes one feel joyful. Learning Pranayama has two elements:

1. Some guidance from a practitioner who understands every human body is different
2. Regularity, regularity and regularity

The following instructions are to help you start your Pranayama journey.

Some simple instructions to follow for Pranayama in the morning:


Loose dress.
Empty bowel
Take bath if weather in your city is warm
No tea/coffee or any food prior to this (last 4 hours at least).
Two classes of water, at least 10 minutes before starting. Warm water ideally.
Basic Yoga mat


No aroma of food, perfume or agarbatti nearby
Please open the window - fresh air/ventilated room is an important requirement.
Don't wear watches or trackers etc.
Turn off the fan


Move/walk within the house for 10 minutes at least
No tea/coffee…


Came across this new book called The Search authored by John Battelle. An interesting read. Beware: It is not a management classic. It is a chronicle by an award winning journalist and a good one at that. It is a very lengthy filing by a journalist.

Go ahead, read it, if only because no one realized that the Google , ASK and A9 already have enough history to be written about.

A bit expensive in India right now at Rs 984/-.

(Well, I am coming with more on this shortly)


I found my letter to the editor carried in the Businessworld issue of 10 Oct 2005!(Click on the image to see a full view)