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Pranayama is for Everyone

Prayanama benefits us in several ways. It regulates our body's processes, reduces stress, protects us from common respiratory issues, improves sleep and digestion and so on. It also makes one feel joyful. Learning Pranayama has two elements:

1. Some guidance from a practitioner who understands every human body is different
2. Regularity, regularity and regularity

The following instructions are to help you start your Pranayama journey.

Some simple instructions to follow for Pranayama in the morning:


Loose dress.
Empty bowel
Take bath if weather in your city is warm
No tea/coffee or any food prior to this (last 4 hours at least).
Two classes of water, at least 10 minutes before starting. Warm water ideally.
Basic Yoga mat


No aroma of food, perfume or agarbatti nearby
Please open the window - fresh air/ventilated room is an important requirement.
Don't wear watches or trackers etc.
Turn off the fan


Move/walk within the house for 10 minutes at least
No tea/coffee…

TOI Chennai Launch - How would the Hindu react?

Of course this post is speculative in nature but then isn't that the case with lot of things :)

The question is, how will market leader the Hindu react to the Times of India's proposed launch in Chennai:

  1. Do nothing, no one can shake me - 0% probability.
  2. Do nothing on the surface, work on the distribution control - 10 % probability.
  3. Start outdoors before the TOI does, buy hoarding spaces - moderate probability.
  4. Go for a drastic price cut and start a price war - almost certain to happen ( Do remember price positioning is not good but then you just lost the chance)
  5. Make the paper better - which means not saying a leading star hotel in Nungambakkam but saying Taj Coromandal instead- 10 % probability.
  6. Start publishing more color photos- 50 % probability.
In all we would be keen to watch whether the Hindu would adopt a defensive strategy and try to save the turf or a very aggressive strategy and try to kill the new edition of the TOI. And how about no strategy as a strategy?


Shrinidhi Hande said…
HIndu is a serious paper with its own share of dedicated readers. I dont think they will change themselve drastically...
Unknown said…
Each market is different.Chennai is not a Bangalore or Delhi.FMCG's know that and have different strategies in each market.Despite having deep pockets Times will have a tough time tackling the market leader which is classic yet also the Next Gen!-Ananthan
Rajesh Kumar said…
@Shrinidhi and Ananthan, thanks for the comments. Ananthan, are you serious on Hindu being classic yet also Next Gen! The Hindu's next gen has retired already!!
Anonymous said…
People of chennai are closed minded and not in a position to accept entry of Times of India
Anonymous said…
Why waited for so long when u could conqured easily. Tamil Nadu decides the Prime Minister of India and now the Media world also. now you must have got a answer and let us see the battle and then decide. Reader will be intrested in a good stuff and not only entertainment , cinema and what not. So wait for the dawn of 14th to see the don come down.
Rajesh Kumar said…
@ Raj: Thanks for bringing the Hindu perspective in the debate here, tell me, do you work for the Hindu? The competitive spirit is admirable, and I am sure in the whole deal, it will be readers like me who will ultimately benefit. And fully agree with you - good content is what people like us look for.
Anonymous said…
Times of India may be the leader in Mumbai and other Metros. But THE HINDU is the market leader in the South with clear understanding of its traditional readers.
My view is Times may get a share in the market at Chennai but most of their readers will be totally new to English dailies or readers of other dailies may start buying Times as the second paper. This may be only due to their attractive schemes. With the launch of Times Of India at Chennai, the market share of THE HINDU will also increase as more awareness on English dailies will get created among the readers.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mr.Balan that's right TOI will carve a share in chennai but leaving the space for all the news papers to grow and the bottom is that Youth of today and tommrrow will have a lot of stuff to read and educate them selves. I will definite want a competition to thrive in business.
Shiva said…
Soon, we'll know the result and I wish TOI all the very best. THE HINDU 's editorial on Tibet led to a very "dismayed" Ramachandra Guha and Shashi Tharoor writing on 4/10/2008.

Atleast now Chennai will be served some different view point and not one that always talks about the futility of a strategic alliance with the US and the benefits of being silent with respect to Tibet!!
Anonymous said…
Hope all read the TOI. Pls xpress the true feelings. I am yet to see the copy. also if possible compare it to THE HINDU - Market leader.
Rajesh Kumar said…
@ Raj, don't you work for the Hindu??
Anonymous said…
Why ma Rajesh? S I do work for The Hindu today.
Rajesh Kumar said…
@Raj - I was curious. I could see that from your comments as well as the Hindu network signature in the visitor log at the time of your comments. The hostname is and interestingly, this page has been viewed from the Hindu network more than 100 times since it was posted - thanks to you and your colleagues!
Anonymous said…
However arguably good 'The Hindu' is as a paper, nothing changes the fact that it is dull as dishwater as the saying reads like a text book......anyone tried reading the "Frontline", another publication from the Hindu stable?! It might as well be divided into neat chapters and distributed to students preparing for competitive exams!!!! So, the arrival of the Times of India should at least get the mandarins at the Hindu to wake up and move ass....change the styling...pep it up a bit....
Saying that it will not affect the Hindu, is fatalism at its worst.
Also The 'venerable' Hindu has not contributed much to develop the Chennai identity and is almost apologetic about it, as opposed to the Times which has the innate ability to identify itself to the city and its ethos in double quick time.
Wanna bet.....TOI is going to give The Hindu a serious run for its money. The city reader will undoubtedly benefit with a wider choice.

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