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Proto: Eight minutes to glory

India's first of its kind event, where tech wannabes and VCs come face to face, is happening, where else but Chennai. The green environs of IIT Madras is the very aptly chosen venue. Whether something earthshaking emerges is immaterial, but clearly a pathbreaking event in which tech innovators have exactly eight minutes to sell their idea to the audience(and the hard nosed VCs) from the stage.While at this moment there is no hint of the kind of innovations that will be on display here, it is important that events such as Proto are encouraged.It is indeed not an event, but the introduction of a new cultural seed of tech entrepreneurship, which should be welcomed.
The presence of VCs such as Srini Raju's iLabs & Clearstone indicates that this event is not taken lightly either. I will be there on 21st, and would definitely post here. Afterall, who can miss the lobby chat, which is always the most attractive part of any such event.What's your take?
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