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Corona and Medical Advice Dilemma - Do we know someone who knows?

One of the major challenges of Corona Pandemic is that one always feels the need to get informed advice on various aspects of preventive care from it. While the Covid vaccines are sometime away, what does one do, if we feel some anxiety about any other ailment that requires medical advice? Fortunately, we have Ayurveda and other forms of wellness advice to look at. Dr Pankaj Chansarkar is an accomplished Ayurveda Specialist, Holistic Healing and Wellness Coach, who is just a video call away.

Pranayama is for Everyone

Prayanama benefits us in several ways. It regulates our body's processes, reduces stress, protects us from common respiratory issues, improves sleep and digestion and so on. It also makes one feel joyful. Learning Pranayama has two elements:

1. Some guidance from a practitioner who understands every human body is different
2. Regularity, regularity and regularity

The following instructions are to help you start your Pranayama journey.

Some simple instructions to follow for Pranayama in the morning:


Loose dress.
Empty bowel
Take bath if weather in your city is warm
No tea/coffee or any food prior to this (last 4 hours at least).
Two classes of water, at least 10 minutes before starting. Warm water ideally.
Basic Yoga mat


No aroma of food, perfume or agarbatti nearby
Please open the window - fresh air/ventilated room is an important requirement.
Don't wear watches or trackers etc.
Turn off the fan


Move/walk within the house for 10 minutes at least
No tea/coffee or food for next fifteen minutes,
The first meal after this should be what is best for you.

There are many varieties of pranayamas. I have trained to practice the following set of five pranayamas - Bhastrika, Kapaal Bhati, Anulome Vilome, Bhramari and Udgeet.

A word of caution. If you have any known heart issue, please do not practice the below asanas.

Bhastrika: Sit in the posture you see me in, with back straight and mouth closed.Close your eyes and gently deep inhale, hold for upto 2 seconds, and then completely exhale.
Recommended count is 10, to gradually increase to 20 over 4 weeks. Then hold at that level.

Kapaal Bhati: Sit with back straight, jaws tightly resting on one another. Exhale forcefully, and inhale normally. Focus on the exhalation process and let the inhalation happen naturally. Concentrate on a distant object of your choice, an om symbol, or a red circle. Try to do one cycle per second. The tendency is to do it faster, which is not advisable.

Recommended count is 100. If you(particularly ladies) wish to pause at 50 for about 30 seconds and resume, that is okay. Every week increase count by 25 to take it to 300.

Anulome vilome: While sitting straight with mouth and eyes closed, right nostril is closed by thumb. Deep inhale from left nostril. Hold for a second and then exhale from the right nostril while closing the left nostril by the middle finger. Then inhale from the left nostril while closing the right nostril closed. Follow the sequence 1-2-2-1 or L-R-R-L, which would be one cycle.

Recommended 10 cycles. Increase to 20 over six months.

Bhramari: While sitting straight, close ears completely with thumb pressure, then place index finger at the junction of eye and nose. Remaining fingers to press the nose bridge. Mouth closed. Make the humming sound of a bee and in that process, empty your lungs out. Then inhale deep and again make loud humming sound and empty your lungs again.

Recommended: 10 cycles.

Udgeet: Sit straight, eyes closed. Inhale deep through nose and then exhale while making the Om sound aloud. Please note that in this pranayama, the exhalation process is through mouth.

Recommended: 10 cycles. Increase gradually

After that move about the house for at least 10 mins. When things get normal post Corona, walk outdoors for 15-20 minutes.


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