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A Stunning View of the Periyar Lake

A recent vacation trip took us to Periyar Dam in Kerala. We had fortunately arranged to stay inside the Park in KTDC run Periyar House (mind you, you are not allowed to step outside the Hotel after 6 PM) and experienced the wild like never before. The boat ride on Periyar Lake was quite an experience and gave us some amazing views like the one above taken from the upper deck of the boat . While the elephants refused to show up, it was still quite an experience.

PS:I will attempt to post some more pictures in days to come.


ranjit nair said…
Yep..that's true.
It's a shame that being a keralite, I have'nt seen the place still. Guess I spent too much time in the wild in Munnar to even think about it.
But ya, now that you have said it, Decided.

And do post those pics sir..I am sure they would be interesting.