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Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Adsense Marrying Indian Railways Ticket - Cool Idea!

Ever since I read Wikinomics and Naked Conversations, weird ideas come visiting my head sometimes. When I was waiting for a train at Ernakulam Railway Station, I was watching a fellow passenger looking at his ticket. Came an idea, how cool it would be, if all train tickets stationary have a dynamic ad printing logic like Adsense, which would analyse the to and fro location and the demographic information already available on the ticket. For instance, a train ticket for Ooty purchased by two students in Chennai would print ads of suggested locations of tourist interest in Ooty. A train ticket of a couple heading for Varanasi, would print ads of Saree Shops in Varanasi, and for a very old couple carry ads of easy to locate Hotels near Sankatmochan temple. This, rather than the standard ads that come on the ticket stationary. And depending on the class of ticket purchased, an a hint of the passengers buying power can be gleaned too - all operable marketing information. Imagine how cool the idea would be from a marketing perspective.

Is such an idea likely to be a reality in the future or am I spending far too much time on the net?!


Comments on "Adsense Marrying Indian Railways Ticket - Cool Idea!"


Anonymous Anonymous said ... (4:06 AM, January 23, 2008) : 

Excellent idea! And should not be difficult technologically too. However the challenge may lie in convincing the powers that be :)


Blogger mayank gupta said ... (6:20 PM, January 24, 2008) : 

Rajesh! Stop surfing the net so much! you need to take a break man!
Let's keep the tickets ads free he he he


Blogger Ruchika Gupta said ... (11:35 PM, January 29, 2008) : 

Visited your blog after a long time but it was worth it. Reading your so out of the box idea. great idea.


Blogger Rajesh Kumar said ... (9:59 PM, January 30, 2008) : 

Rahul, Mayank & Ruchika - thanks for the comments. The more I think about this idea the more convinced I am about the future of this idea in the travel and tourism industry..


Blogger Mike Chapman said ... (1:25 AM, May 07, 2008) : 

In case you missed it, Wikinomics author Don Tapscott is working with Steve Papermaster and nGenera to implement the concepts of the book for Global 2000 companies. http://is.gd/cjx

If you would like more info, I'd be happy to help.




Blogger Rajesh Kumar said ... (8:56 AM, May 09, 2008) : 

Thanks Mike.


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