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Nature's Call and the new media!

Voice & Data reports that a furniture store in South Africa till recently used to lock up its employees in the workshop so that they focus on their work. Nothing too much till you realize that the workshop did not have appropriate rest room facilities so when the workers needed to go to the rest room, they had to send in their p-petition to their managers via SMS, who would come and unlock them. That gives rise to the horrendous possibilities:

  1. Imagine worker X 's phone has weak network coverage.
  2. Worker Y ran of his phone's pre-paid charge, now how does he discharge?
  3. S'pose worker Z's phone battery drains out - now how will he!
However, all this will pale, if you think the possibilities if the manager's phone suffers from any of the above. What a blast.

PS: The govt moved in to stop this, naturally.