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Metis Talent Management brand new website goes live

Last fortnight was a joy, as we came to the launch of Metis Talent Management's website. Metis is a Singapore based organisation that advises clients on Talent Management with a primary focus on Talent Development and Organisation Design. Best wishes to team Metis!

The other great thing is how folks at Metis approached this by going in for a full overhaul, including getting a new logo and brand colours. Do leave your comments on what you feel about the website and the logo!!


Mallika is a category 5 hurricane. She stuck India years back and refuses to subside.The most interesting attribute of Hurricane Mallika is that she's hit India coast-to-coast and the only property she's damaged is the male heart.Worst still, she's going stronger by the day.Initially she was designated as category 2.Nobody knows where she's heading next. Hurricane Aishwarya is now designated as category 1, which means she's really not much lethal anymore. We also had a Muskee Tornado few years back, but its effect gradually waned over time. In any case this tornado damaged the female hearts alone.

Lets keep an eye as Mallika progresses towards the Hongkong coasts!


Anonymous said…
And of course who can forget 'John the Tore-n-do'!
Hursh said…
How 'bout the Turnadoes?

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