Monday, November 05, 2007

Rafael Nadal coming to Chennai Open 2008

It is an exciting buildup at Chennai Open Tennis Open. The 2008 edition is in January and World No 2 Rafael Nadal has confirmed that he is looking forward to it. Infact he has nice words for the Tennis lovers of Chennai, who packed SDAT stadium last year to see him in the semis. In his own words,

"I like the crowd and their enthusiasm and support and they always push you to give your best".

I could not see the last year event as tickets were all sold by the time I realized I would be in Chennai that time, I am moving for tickets rightway. However, I did see Nadal earlier, and also old legends such as Vijay Amritraj and others.



Naveen said...

Is there a way to book online? From what date will the tickets be sold?

Rajesh Kumar said...

Naveen, the Chennai Open website is silent on ticket sales at this point.
Check out

Naveen said...

From what date will they start issuing tickets and is there a way to book online

Sri said...

tickets last year were made available around a week before. online ticket booking facility has never been available

Rajesh Kumar said...

Friends, I understand some season tickets are still being sold at SDAT and there is a fairly long queue.