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Metis Talent Management brand new website goes live

Last fortnight was a joy, as we came to the launch of Metis Talent Management's website. Metis is a Singapore based organisation that advises clients on Talent Management with a primary focus on Talent Development and Organisation Design. Best wishes to team Metis!

The other great thing is how folks at Metis approached this by going in for a full overhaul, including getting a new logo and brand colours. Do leave your comments on what you feel about the website and the logo!!


In 1982 Time rated PC is the person of the year. That was the hardware bit in the computing business getting recognized. Things have indeed moved forward and the focus is now on the net and PC is on the sidelines, enabling things as they happen.The focus is on content.Web enthusiasts have been using newer platforms(are they really new indeed?) such as blogs, mashups etc self expression and have felt good about it. Now Time magazine has announced that the Person of the Year 2006 is 'You', crediting the users for enriching web with their content and for having great influence on vox-populi. This is mainstream recognition that Web 2.0 has arrived. This should also silence critics who have often spoken of Web 2.0 as a geeks' hype.
BTW, here's an interesting wiki on Time's Person of the Year here.


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I took this picture from a train as it ambled its way over the bridge on the river Son near Patna (Exact location Koilwar or Koelwar as you choose to spell it)
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